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Roto Rooter Drain Cleaning & Pipe Camera Services

Is a clogged shower drain getting you down – or slowing you down – as you get ready for your busy day? Our courteous plumbing professionals respond quickly to accommodate your schedule when you have a clogged toilet, drains, showers and sinks. We have the specialized plumbing tools that our professionals can use to solve any of your drain problems.

Our pipe and sewer camera can provide the video inspection needed to inspect household connection pipes and sewer lines for damage assessment and determine what type of repairs are necessary. Using a small diameter, reinforced video cable, a scratch resistant, debris shedding camera is inserted into the pipeline. The built-in lighting and optical zoom included will provide an excellent view of any damage or blockages to the pipe in question.

By using this technology, we are able to correctly assess the work that needs to be done from the start and provide an efficient and effective solution for our customers. This method of assessment is risk free and allows our technicians a clear picture of any complications they may face such as roots or critters that have managed to force their way into the pipe.

With the ability to travel a large distance through a sewer system, video inspection can be used for a variety of applications such as:

  • Locating exact locations of blockages
  • Inspecting pipe walls and liners
  • Assessing corrosion of metal pipes
  • Locating blockages or debris
  • Investigating abnormal flow conditions

Assessing a problem site in order to help plan repairs